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All specialities Dermatology Dentistry Psychiatry Pediatrics Neurology Orthopedics Obstetrics and Gynaecology Ear, Nose and Throat Cardiology and Vascular Disease Internal Medicine Ophthalmology Urology Plastic Surgery Oncology Dietitian and Nutrition General Surgery Neurosurgery Cardiology and Thoracic Surgery Pediatric Surgery Rheumatology Vascular Surgery
Saudi German - Jed


The first hospital established by SGH group started its operations in 1988 in Jeddah, KSA thus bringing contemporary German healthcare standards to the door step of the local community. After establishing a strong reputation for its quality of care and scientific management SGH expanded to other areas of Saudi Arabia. There were large numbers of patients from Saudi Arabia going to Germany for quality medical treatment. These patients and their families found difficulties to identify right centers for their condition and also huge cultural and logistic difficulties. The Batterjee family therefore decided to establish their first hospital in Jeddah through its strategic relationship with well-known German universities. Saudi German Hospital Jeddah was the first branch to operate in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is a multi-specialty tertiary care hospital that began its operation in 1988 with a capacity of 218 beds. The hospital is located on Batterjee Street in a primary area of Al Zahra district in Jeddah, only a few kilometers away from Jeddah airport, and very close to the major arterial roads of Jeddah. The hospital consists of a main building with a built up area of 18,745 square meters and a medical tower with a built up area of 10,902 square meters.