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Therapist Zeinab zamzamy
This therapist provides physical or psychological treatment and is not authorized to prescribe pharmaceuticals or medical treatment for you.

Learning difficulties specialist

Psychotherapy specialized in Psychotherapy session and Group Therapy

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About The Therapist

-Learning difficulties specialist -Ms.Zineb Zamzmi has received a Bachelor of Science in Special Educational Difficulties and Problems from the University of Western Kentucky, USA -She taught children with learning difficulties at Pauling Green School, Potter Gray School, Cumberland Terrace School, Judy Richard and Mick Neil in Kentucky, USA -Zaynab Zamzami received training in sign language from the Saudi Association of Sign Language -She also got TOT training-she got a training from GRREC association , Kentucky, on how to deal with children with learning difficulties- she represented Saudi culture in international hymns and celebrations -Addressing different learning difficulties in children at all ages-Address learning difficulties in children with disabilities -Address learning difficulties for late school children.