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Therapist Modhi Aljaber
This therapist provides physical or psychological treatment and is not authorized to prescribe pharmaceuticals or medical treatment for you.


Psychotherapy specialized in Psychotherapy session

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About The Therapist

- Bachelor of Education in the specialization of psychologist from King Saud University - Received a training certificate at the mother of Prince Faisal bin Fahd for autism - Certificate of rehabilitation program of psychologists at the center of Ttmna medical - Certificate of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in a starting and ambitious position. - Application of Psychometric Measurements, Stanford Binity Scale of Intelligence, Nephstrope Scale. - Practical experiences: - Psychologist in the Map Center for measurement and psychological therapy for a year previously. - Currently a psychologist experience of two years in the implementation of programs with autism, hyperactivity and distraction attention clinics developmental disorders: - ABA - Teaching - Sonrise - pay attention