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Doctor Mohamed Efrieg

Urology Consultant

Urologist specialized in Adult Nephrology, Pediatric Nephrology, Andrology, Pediatric Urology and Adult Urology

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الأسعار للأسف مبالغ فيهاجدا اتمنى إعادة النظر في ذلك
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About The Doctor

Urology Specialist -Masters degree in urological -Kidney stones and urinary tract stones -Endoscopy of the urinary system (kidneys - ureter - bladder) -Congenital defects in the kidneys -ureters and bladder Tightness and obstruction of the urethra -Frequent renal colic Tumors of the genitourinary system Urinary -incontinence and bloody urine Menopause -infertility and disability of men -Treatment of prostate diseases and periodic detection-Crushing the stones through the collision-wave device-Laser kidney stones are dissected by renal endoscopy-Bladder stones dissection using the air diffuser and laser-Dissect the ureteral stones using the air splitter-VCUG rays-Treatment of causes of renal failure-A diet for patients with renal failure-Pediatric Unit:-Treatment of genital urinary tract abnormalities of children-Repair of the urethra-Repair of penis warp-Narrow pelvic tubular repair-Repair of urinary bladder recovery of the ureter surgically and without surgery.

Insurance Companies :

  • Gulf Union
  • BUPA - Gold Class
  • Malath
  • Al Rajhi
  • Enaya
  • AXA

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