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Doctor Bouran hakky

Pediatric and neonatology consultant

Pediatrician specialized in Pediatric Diabetes and Endocrinology and Pediatric Gastroenterology and Endoscopy

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كل شي تمام
.عبدالرحمن ي Monday, 22 April 2019

About The Doctor

More than 25 years of experience.- She got Bachelor of Medicine, University of Aleppo, Syria.- She got MD in Pediatrics, University of Rene Descartes, France.- She specializes in allergy, chest and skin diseases for children and infants.- She worked at Necker Children's Hospital, one of the best hospitals in Paris, and moved between various pediatric departments (pediatric infection, intensive care, emergency, outpatient, immunology, and oncology).- She has the ability to make friends with children in a fun atmosphere.- complete examination of vital functions.- Examination of Breastfeeding problems in infants.-Gastrointestinal and respiratory problems in infant treatment.- jaundice examination.- diapers rash treatment.- Children Nutrition :- Body mass index (BMI) measuring.- treatment of Obesity and thinness diseases in children.- providing complete diet systems for children.- Follow up children growth curves.- Respiratory system problems:- treatment of Bronchitis and pneumonia - treatment of Allergy, Asthma Chronic cough and tonsillitis. Gastrointestinal problems:- treatment of Constipation, diarrhea and vomiting.- treatment of Hepatitis, Digestive problems and fever.- Bone problems - Treatment of Osteoporosis, Vitamin D deficiency and Curvature in children. Dermatology diseases: - Treatment of dermatological inflammation, fungi and ulcers in children.

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