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Masters in orthopedic surgery - - Dislocated joints-  Knee cartilage injuries-  Tear of the front and back cruciate ligament-  Treatment of recurrent dislocation of the shoulder joint-  Joint replacement surgery-  Knee joint change-  Fractures and complications (slow docking)-  Knee stiffness-Plasma injection of the knee-  Total replacement of the knee and elbow joint -  Osteoporosis-  Inflammation and joint stiffness-  Sports Medicine-  Spinal operations-  Neuropathy and tendon processes - Fix fractions, slide operations, and screws- Treatment of congenital defects of the bones of the hand

Insurance Companies :

  • Gulf Union
  • BUPA - Gold Class
  • Malath
  • Al Rajhi
  • Enaya
  • AXA

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