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Dentistry, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Internal Medicine, General Practice
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Rnal Medical Complex


Renal Medical Complex main goal is to provide the best medical care, health awareness and medical consulting services to our community. Rnal is located in Qurtubah Neighborhood but not limited to this area since we cover the surrounding neighborhoods as well. With great doctors and administrative staff, we provide the best quality of healthcare services for our patients and visitors. We have several clinics, such as dental clinic - women and obstetrics - children - internal medicine - general medicine - emergency - comprehensive laboratories - radiology. As well as conducting all expatriate medical checkup and examinations and all related services such as municipality and Moroor traffic driving test "Medical Report" . Not to forget, we are seeking to expand further by opening new clinics and specialties to meet all the medical needs for better healthy community. We believe that our medical staff, and the most modern medical devices and equipments we use currently, along with the administrative staff, will contribute to provide effective medical treatment and more convenient services to our patients and visitors. The Center working hours starts at 9 am morning to 12 midnight.

Rnal Medical Center
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